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Gulf Medium Industries is equipped with the best of infrastructure and state-of-art manufacturing facilities for Road barriers, street light poles, signage boards and traffic signal poles. Since customer satisfaction is the benchmark, we continuously strive to keep improving our Technical expertise, Processes and Product offerings. Gulf Medium Industries will be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Street Light Poles, Road Barriers, Steel Fabrication, Signage Poles and Hot Dip Galvanizing services.

Message from the Chairman

“Under the wise leadership of Qatar, the country continues to implement important initiatives that will propel Qatar to a fully developed nationhood, and strengthen its role in the International Community. As part of the The Emir of Qatar’s vision I would like to proudly announce the opening of Gulf Medium Industries. With the growing economy and infrastructure we will be able to meet the demands of the local market and expand our presence into the surrounding region and make ourselves the Market Leaders in this Industry.”

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